A message from the Board

This is certainly a message we never expected to write, but then we never expected to see anything affect the lives of so many people. Because of the uncertainty with Covid-19 we can see no alternative to postponing the golf tournament and associated activities until later this year. We’re hopeful things are back to normal by the end of the summer, and if so, we’ll try to reschedule then. If that doesn’t work out, we’ll look forward to 2021. Our first choice is to have the tournament in 2020 if at all possible.

Any checks/entry forms we’ve received are being returned with this letter, and many thanks to all those who committed to this cause early; we appreciate you.

We’ll do like the rest of the country and continue to monitor the situation as best we can and make decisions when we have firm information. We’ll keep you posted, and don’t forget to use our website for any updates.

Thank you for your understanding.

– The Minden Foundation Board